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Josh’s ABC Radio Interview

admin : August 21, 2014 11:49 am : Farm Adventures
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Update on our Planning Application for Extensive Animal Husbandry (this includes our hens, sheep and cows)

admin : August 21, 2014 11:47 am : Farm Adventures

Update on our Planning Application for Extensive Animal Husbandry (this includes our hens, sheep and cows)
Here is the very brief version:
We are in the process of applying for a planning application for our farm. We did not know we needed a planning permit to farm our 120 acres, however in Rural Conservation Zone, agriculture is not a right of use, and so because we bought a pine plantation, the only farming activity we could have done without a permit is plant more pine trees – which of course we did not want to do! In 2007 we removed the 20,000 30m trees that covered 60 acres. We were left with a terrrible mess and soil so depleted we could not even grow grass. We grew great weeds which at least helped cover the bare soil. The chickens were our salvation. Where they had grazed and scratched around, the grass grew thick and green. And they ate all the weeds, especially the blackberries. We chose to do it the hard way, not using fertilizers and herbicides. The hens gave us hope, and after a year of great eggs, we got our first flock of sheep. We realized that each paddock needed the regenerative powers of the hens. At present we have two flocks of hens. We would like to increase our flocks to three and have them rotate through the majority of the farm. Our proposed stocking density is 100 hens/ha, Coles Free Range brand is 10,000 hens/ha! As the decision to approve or deny our permit will more than likely go to a council, we would greatly appreciate the councillors knowing that our farm, our produce and our farming practices are supported by the community. If you could please take the time to write a short email to the councillors we would be most grateful. The Riddells Creek Farmers Market has already rallied behind us and have a dedicated page which gives you information on how to show your support. Please follow this link: I Support Joshs Eggs

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The Seven Hills Story

admin : February 29, 2012 9:52 am : Farm Adventures

It took almost a year for us to find our farm, many weekends dragging the kids around, bribing them with visits to the local bakeries. The day after we gave up our search, and resigned ourselves to staying in Gisborne for a bit longer, we got an email.   more »

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Jess’s Free Range Flowers

admin : February 16, 2012 12:02 am : Farm Adventures

I grow all my flowers on the farm and have a mix of varieties so I have them all year round. Dahlias are my favourite.  more »

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Josh’s Rainbow Eggs Story

admin : February 15, 2012 11:59 pm : Farm Adventures

In early 2009 Mom asked me to take over the responsibility of looking after the hens.  By June 2010 Mom and Dad realised that as I was doing all the work for the chickens, it would be better for me to run it as a business and be in charge of everything. In the beginning I sold my eggs to friends and then started knocking on the door of businesses in Gisborne.  Dad has his office there so it seemed an easy place to start.

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